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marketing strategy operational expert Delphine Terrasson

A business approach.

I have a business approach to marketing, so enterprises be more competitive, grow profitability, gain market share… At the end it’s all about selling better, then more. My strength is to articulate companies’ strategies into marketing strategy creating implementation plans and budgets to achieve business objectives. I love challenges and seek to improve and better perform at all times, to deliver upon promise. I have a thing for excellence. Ekvilibre’s goal is to increase companies’ performance, to enhance sustainability. Its expertise is accessible to all.

A collaborative spirit.

Ekvilibre offers to co-orchestrate everything that is marketing related from building together your brand or communication strategy and its implementation. I align with your goals and we test solutions together. That way, we come up with efficient answers to your problematic. I master branding & communication tools. I guide you to select the most appropriate for your business. I am pragmatic and dare having a different opinion. I serve your company interests first and your P&L.

A project comes true.

It all started with a M. Gandhi quote: “Be the change you wish to see in the world » It was a warm & sunny afternoon in Portugal, this quote was written in the sand. Which lead me to think about contribution, my contribution? What could possibly make a more dynamic & fair society? The answer was obvious: Entrepreneurs, start-ups, small & medium size companies, people, network, interlock. Under the equation:  Engage + Align + Proceed = Fast & accurate I enhance fresh perspective.

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With open mind

I stay sharp in a disruptive environment. With 20 years of experience, I know that continuously training is key to success and keep an eye on new technologies. To give you the best of marketing. So I can re-invent yourself, if needed.

And I remain curious!

With passion

Marketing is about creativity, consistency, go-to-market, increasing sales… It’s also about numbers, analysis, planning, return on investment. To rigorously deliver upon promise, a good plan and organization is mandatory. 

And I love it!

With dare

This is the most difficult part of marketing. Dare the difference! I don’t only benchmark your business’ competitors, I look at what is around, how successful others communicate. I help you dare having fresh perspective and implement them. 

And you will rock!

marketing stratégie opérationnel expert consultant small business start-up
Delphine Terrasson marketing strategy small business start-ups expert digital

Why architect?

To perform in strategic & operational marketing, you need to have the quality of a good architect, bring new perspective into the equation and invariably keep a fresh way to look at challenges and opportunities. You also need to know how to orchestrate the different professions/expertise around marketing. I drill down to the essence of your challenges and leverage what really matters to speed up go-to-market. My efficiency comes from 3 behaviors:

Why Marketing strategy?

The strategy is the foundation of the marketing plan, a business’ plan reaching people out and turning them into customers, communities, audiences. There is no good plan without a long-term direction, vision. The marketing strategy contains the company’s value proposition, key marketing messages, information on the target customer (persona), and the guidelines to use the brand elements. It’s what makes a brand consistent and sustainable.

Why not?

I have a do-attitude, a pragmatic and agile approach, a fresh perspective. I drive innovative projects to support your growth. I guide you in developing and executing your brand & marketing strategy, so you can hold the most relevant market position. What drives me? The love for brands. The will to boost companies. The passion to make it happen. I want you to be outstanding and successful.

Building strategic


Analyze the current situation
Look around the competition and beyond
Identify challenges
Create a picture of the challenges
Refine together the framework, the scope

Building strategic


Evaluate together opportunities
Set priorities
Define the strategy
Create a plan & budget
Refine and decide

Building strategic


Map the action plan
Create & implement go-to-market strategies
Set KPI’s
Adjust to continuously improve

Building strategic


I listen and engage in discussion to make sure I have all needed information to start a recommendation. Then align with you and we test solutions together. We take corrective actions when needed, so I stay flexible and open.

A holistic expertise

I have a do-attitude. I help you developing and executing your brand & marketing strategy, so you can hold the most relevant market position.

Marketing strategy

Define insights

Value for the consumer or user
Value for the influencer & business partners
Creation of the persona

Frame conducting idea

Gap analysis
Brand positioning

Create brand identity

Values, tone of voice, personality

Build mid & long-term
marketing plan

Select most impact full tools & roll out
Define budget for the coming years

360° activation

Set brand guidelines

Look and feel
Logo application
Tools template (catalogues, advert, PR kit…)

Deliver tools to nourish ID

Photographic portfolio
Most relevant tools

Define web presence for SEO

Visual look & feel
Brief agency or Freelance

Develop PR & social media plan

Where to communicate (online/offline)
When to launch a campaign
How much to spend

Enhance product benefits

The “Keep It Simple” Message
Relevance towards target & insight
Rewrite sales arguments 

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Delphine Terrasson

Ekvilibre is about the power of building a loved brand and the communication platform that goes with it.
It’s a long-term vision – a journey full of consistency & commitments.
It’s the act to balance investment and tools to create value.
It’s the decision to choose the punchy channel that serves your ambitions.